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ANY TIME market

During trending markets majority of Forex traders trade  profitably and comfortably, but once a trend is over all kinds of  problems arise: trend-following systems no longer work. Forex market  spends up to 60% time in non-trending, flat conditions. How to deal with  range-bound markets becomes vital.
TREND or FLAT trading – what is more profitable, less risks and busier-waiting?
FULL FOREX product is specially done for trading both  TREND and FLAT market. Go ahead - take advantage of the market any time.  6 LEVEL-SENSETIVE multi timeframe SCANNER gives you objective current  market situation and allow to identify market condition (FLAT/TREND).  Innovative indicators for ENTER/EXIT signals are super filtered and  non-repainted.

Automatic MONEY and RISK management

Special scripts let you manage your money properly,  minimize and fix losses. We have specific algorithms that automatically  calculate exact lot size, values and parameters of each stop loss, take  profit taking into account your balance and current market volatility.


While LION-HUNTER TRADER itself is a very complex  system, it is easy to use. All you need to follow GUIDE PANEL direct  instructions (for trading rules and market conditions identification).  Visually simple, user-friendly, intuitive interface that create  psychologically comfortable atmosphere for trading. Colored enter/exit  signals and sound alerts tell you exactly when you can enter/exit the  market.
No trading experience is required
You don't need Forex knowledge and trading experience –  everything is done to minimize mental, emotion, decision taking factor.  No more overcomplicated thinking! Completely designed for beginners it  will be very useful and valuable for professional traders.

Easy to install

We have combined all necessary technical indicators  into a single installer. Download, installation and setup require only a  few clicks.


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